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hello guys... i'm creating this post to keep track of acceptance into the adn program at san jacinto college.... Read More

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    So today I had foundations class. Does anyone know why we are not going over the math in class? I am assuming we are to learn the math on our own because we are being tested over chapter 1-4 along with foundations chapters coming up next week on Friday! Ahh!!

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    I would love to go over some of it. Some is hurting me, hopefully the ah ha moment will come soon. lol! I guess look into the satin stuff or the cd that came with it!
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    I think we are suppose to cover the med term. & math on our own

    Never gave up! <3 Tryin2 ..... Sent from my iPhone using
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    You will cover the math and the med terms on your own. You can get help through the school if you have issues though.
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    Did PrepU help you on today's Foundations test?
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    Hello everyone! I have applied to San Jacinto College for Spring 2013. The deadline for application isn`t even up and im already checking my emails... December seems so far away, and I am so ready to start the program. How is the program going for you all.
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    Will anyone be at orientation on July 8th? This is my first semester woooooooooooooo!!!! Lol Any advice? Things to do? Things NOT to do? Thanks in advance!
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    The vendor will be there. You have to buy from them. Bring your checkbook, I think it was about $500.
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    Quote from Emmasmom03
    The vendor will be there. You have to buy from them. Bring your checkbook, I think it was about $500.
    Ok thanks!
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    Well ladies. I emailed Linda and asked her if we will know within the two weeks like they said. She said no. It will be a few more weeks.

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