San Antonio College Spring 2012

  1. Hi all!

    It's getting to be that time again. Where we eagerly wait for a reply from the nursing school. I read on the official SAC Nursing page on Facebook that we should be notified no later than October 1st of our status.

    Just thought I'd get the ball rolling.
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  3. by   alexisar
    Hi!!! I just got my acceptance today...SO excited and happy !!! I hope you get yours soon, I am getting ready to move to San Antonio and it would be nice to make some friends in the program. Let me know if you hear anything and good luck!
  4. by   sduncan86
    I got mine today too! So excited!!!
    All of those semesters of pre-reqs finally pay off!

    Alexisar are you Flex II? Mine said I start classes March 19...

  5. by   Rainy Day
    Congratulations! I got placed in the alternate list. I'm trying to stay positive but it's a little hard. *Sigh* SAC is definitely my first choice so I'm keeping my fingers and toes (for extra luck ) crossed.
  6. by   Rainy Day
    Oh, quick question, do you have a deadline by which you need to accept or deny the offer of starting in the Spring?
  7. by   alexisar
    Rainy Day, I am so sorry it isn't a definite yes, but there are sure to be people who don't accept the offer...I will cross my fingers (and toes) for you too! The deadline for acceptance is November 1st...sorry, I know that is a long time to wait.
    Sduncan86, congrats! I am Flex classes start on 1/17.
  8. by   cegr
    I just got my acceptance as well. I start Jan 17 Flex I. There is alot of stuff to do to get ready.
  9. by   alexisar
    Hi cegr, I know...I set up my fingerprinting for next week but am still waiting to hear back from my insurance about the vaccination titer testing (lost vaccination record...booo.) Setting up CPR next, need to just keep checking things off that list. Do you already go to SAC? I still havent been, we wont be in San Antonio until December so I will need to plan a trip and visit before orientation so I know where everything is.
  10. by   cegr
    No, I go to another community college that is part of the Alamo Colleges. This is my 2nd application as I was denied last semester because I did not have all of my pre requisites completed. I am still trying to sift through the letter and attachments and as you said, marking them off. Keep in touch.
  11. by   sduncan86
    There will definitely be people who didn't finish their shots or think another program is better for them and then you just take their place!
  12. by   roberts27
    Does anyone know if they take into consideration the courses I am taking this fall. I will have all my classes complete by the end of this fall with all a's hopefully.
  13. by   Rainy Day
    roberts27, I think they would first look at people who have completed all their pre-requisites at the time of the deadline. For me, that's what had happened in the past. I still needed to take Micro and had a full semester to finish before nursing classes would have started. I think that's why I wasn't accepted before.
  14. by   roberts27
    yeah i am taking micro and a&p 2 so i probably wont get in . it sucks waiting a whole year even though I will have all my pre-requistes done before it starts.