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Hi all! It's getting to be that time again. Where we eagerly wait for a reply from the nursing school. I read on the official SAC Nursing page on Facebook that we should be notified no later than... Read More

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    Quote from alexisar
    Thanks so much noelle0910! It is so hard when you have no idea what to expect, so I really appreciate your insight. How were clinicals? That is probably what I am most scared of...can't wait to start the program though!
    Clinicals were great. There were some less than helpful nurses on the floor but there were also some really great ones and we actually became like part of the family for the time we were there. One of the unit clerks would even give us candy if we were on his floor! It can be intimidating first working with the patients but it gets easier. I was sad when our last day came.

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    Finally turned in my packet today - I'm so happy it's DONE

    Now we just wait for emails...
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    Hi I was accepted into the program for spring.
    I finally decided to go with the program and now my links from the original email are gone! The generic BSN packet, and the BON fastpass. Does anyone know where the school has them located on the new nursing website?
    I have my immunizations and I did the backround check for another school I jsut want to make sure I have everything in order. I apreciate the help
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    Quote from noelle0910
    Congratulations to everyone that got in! I just finished my first flex in the program and it was a bit crazy so I thought I would give you all some advice! Read before class starts and make notes on everything! All the little boxes in the chapter count! Find a good study group and put it to use trust me you will be each others sanity! Finally don't forget to have a little fun. After our final a bunch of us went to Luther's across the street and had a beer to celebrate getting through the first class! Get ready for a whole new world!
    Hi Noelle, congrats on getting through the first flex!
    I have a question is it possible to work full time with and attend this program? What is the class schedule like?

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    Hi everyone!

    I was waitlisted but got accepted into the nursing program, too, but for the Flex II semester. Is anyone else starting then, too?

    I have a bunch of stuff I need to get together. Just saw the email at work today and let out a little scream of joy. Good thing I was alone I have most of my shots done, just last shot of Hep B, CPR, Background and Drug left.
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    Hi schmoodle, I switched to flex II since I am trying to relocate...I have my hands fulls without adding school to the mix too! I am going next week to do my drug test and then drop off my packet...I will be so glad to be done and have all this stuff finished. Am a little nervous, since I dont even know my way around San Antonio, but excited too!
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    I just finished reading this entire thread. I'm really looking forward to orientation. I'm trying not to allow myself to get too excited until everything's done and I've turned in my packet.

    I skimmed through previous threads for SAC nursing in different semesters and noticed the blue background check card takes a while to be sent to you. Did you guys receive the card relatively quickly in the mail? I hope that doesn't become a problem for me... I have to turn everything in before Dec 1st.
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    I received the background card in about 3 weeks...maybe a few days less. It was pretty scary for awhile- My son gets the mail and sometimes throws away important stuff because it's stuck in the ad section.

    I was also moved to Flex I, at my request, so that I can possibly work as a CNA this summer- and get this schooling thing finished!

    Good luck to everyone and congrats on acceptance!
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    Hi, I did my backround check for another school, but it was the same process and it took a little under 3 weeks, but make the appointment fast! I ended uo having to drive a few hours away because I waited until the last minute to schedule it.
    I was admitted to the flex 1 program and I am really excited! Anyone else starting in January? Does anyone know if this program can be completed in under 2 years?
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    I scheduled mine as soon as I got the email but couldn't get an appt anywhere until the 8th. I really hope that's enough time. I think I might be barely making it before the Dec 1st.

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