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Hi all! It's getting to be that time again. Where we eagerly wait for a reply from the nursing school. I read on the official SAC Nursing page on Facebook that we should be notified no later than October 1st of our status. ... Read More

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    Texas True Choice did not cover any of my titers or my vaccinations. Their excuse was I was over 16 and the insurance coverage for vaccinations is for children only.

    Make sure to ask if it is covered because one of my friends going to Baptist this semester assumed they would be covered and went in and received a bill for $490 for vaccinations and a bill for $315 for lab titers. They were negative so she had to pay for the shots anyway....another $260.

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    That is my concern, finances are so tight right now that I can't afford to get stuck with a huge bill. Once the insurance kicks in I will call, but I have a feeling they will say the same thing (that is what Humana told vaccines, even boosters, are covered for adults except the flu shot. Have a feeling BCBS will be the same.) Hate insurance companies!!! I will be glad when this stupid stuff is done and I can focus on school
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    either that or hit up the health dept for the shots and titers... just to be on the safe side...
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    Have ya'll seen this?

    They offer free seminars online for nursing school success. I just signed up for the Success in Nursing School seminar and the Critical Thinking Seminar.

    I dont know how valuable they are but check them out!
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    Just wanted to let you all know I was accepted at Baptist School of Health Professions and that is where I will be attending. Good luck to each of you.
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    Yay cegr, I am so happy for you!!! Good luck, I know you will do great
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    @ alexiar... be sure to call because my insurance even covered the menigicoccal and flu vaccine and the TB test because mine was ready to expire... go figure...

    they covered quite a few more than i expected... also check with HEB Pharmacy (with Insurance)... that's where i got some of the vaccines too.
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    jaevigil, who is your insurance carrier? Have a nagging feeling I never recieved my Hep B (born in 1975), my old pediatricians said that they are pulling my records, but it has been almost 6 weeks. If I havent heard anything I am going to just break down and shell out the money to have my testing done. I will be so sad if I cant start in January, but at this point there isn't anything I can do. Humana said no, so I have switched to BCBS, but havent called them yet.
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    Congratulations to everyone that got in! I just finished my first flex in the program and it was a bit crazy so I thought I would give you all some advice! Read before class starts and make notes on everything! All the little boxes in the chapter count! Find a good study group and put it to use trust me you will be each others sanity! Finally don't forget to have a little fun. After our final a bunch of us went to Luther's across the street and had a beer to celebrate getting through the first class! Get ready for a whole new world!
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    Thanks so much noelle0910! It is so hard when you have no idea what to expect, so I really appreciate your insight. How were clinicals? That is probably what I am most scared of...can't wait to start the program though!

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