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Hi all! It's getting to be that time again. Where we eagerly wait for a reply from the nursing school. I read on the official SAC Nursing page on Facebook that we should be notified no later than... Read More

  1. by   sduncan86
    Did you guys just reply to the email to accept your acceptance or is there a special format we use?
    I never got a reply back after replying to the acceptance email.
  2. by   ambert
    just wanted to inform those of you who haven't gotten a response or think you should have been accepted and denied to verify with the department. I have a friend who's application didn't get processed in error, and another friend who was denied and after re-evaluation they found it was an error and he should have been accepted.
    Also any current students with tips for us newbies???
  3. by   alexisar
    sduncan86, yes you can just reply back to the acceptance is the same e-mail. There is also a "notice of intention to attend" that we are turning in (page 9 of the packet) so even if she missed your e-mail then that is a back up. Hope everyone is doing good, the next few months will fly by!!!
  4. by   cegr
    Finished my background and drug testing yesterday. All set and ready to go. Everything that had to be done looked worse on paper than it really was. Good luck to all and will see you in January.
  5. by   alexisar
    Yay cegr! Did my background and fingerprints on Wednesday but still trying to sort out all this insurance stuff so I can get my titers done (husband has heard rumour that he may be losing his job so I cant spend the money out of pocket right now .) I am really scared I will need to do the Hep B series since I dont have enough time to get all 3, so I just need to see how things play insurance kicks in on the 7th so I will try that. Bet you are so relieved to be done and ready to go! How is everyone else doing?
  6. by   us031596
    I'm working on completing my courses so I can apply for Spring 2013 and wanted to ask some questions of those of you were accepted. Did you just complete the sciences since their page does say that only A&PI is required to apply but points are given for 3 of the sciences? What was your GPA? How did you do on the TEAS? Do you have any general education courses left? I'm trying to give myself the best chance of getting accepted when I apply.
    Thank you so much and CONGRATS to all of you that were accepted!
  7. by   cegr
    I had AP I & II, Microbiology, and all the academic courses already done (those listed on the program of study). All I will need to complete is the 41 credit hours of nursing. SAC did not require the TEAS but they do look at GPA and to make sure your sciences are current.
  8. by   alexisar
    I have all the classes completed except for the nursing classes (finishing up Ethics this semester.) My GPA is around 3.8. Good luck, focus on those pre-req's and you should be cegr said, there is no TEAS or HESI exams to get in so that is a bonus.
  9. by   cegr
    Forgot to tell you, my GPA is a 4.0 on pre-requisites and a 3.9 on all classes. I did not have microbiology done last semester (took in summer) and I did not get in to SAC last semester. From what I heard, if they have candidates that have finished everything (that way they can get an accurate GPA) they will choose them over those that have not finished yet.
  10. by   us031596
    Ok thank you. I will have all the sciences done before the July deadline next year and I would have just 2 general education classes left which I would take in the Fall so I would only have nursing courses to take. It sounds like I'm on the right track then.
    Thanks so much!
  11. by   jaevigil
    @ alexiar.... go to your primary physician and get a "physical" done.... i have BCBS and that is how mine got covered. if it in the physical profile with the v70.0 code... then it is covered since it is considered preventative medicine.
  12. by   jaevigil
    @us031596... keep a look out on the application link... check everyday and apply once the link is up apply... especially if you know you are going to complete all the pre-reqs during that semester... usually they go first come first serve on the list.... so once that link is out... APPLY!!!! i am starting in Jan 2012 in the CMP so another thing to consider is getting your LVN first since it is less competitive in that sense... i have applied 3 times and got accepted all 3 times.... only wasn't able to attend the previous 2 times.... so now i am set and starting in Jan.... good luck to you! : )
  13. by   alexisar
    jaevigil, what did BCBS cover? Will they cover the vaccine titers and TB test along with the boosters? Thank you so much, you have given me a glimmer of hope that I can get this taken care of! My new policy kicks in on the 7th, but I have a feeling if I call and ask if they will cover then they will say no, but didn't want to take the chance of going through a PCP and ending up with a huge bill.