RN moving to San Antonio

  1. Hello Texas. I am relocating to San Antonio to be with family.

    I currently have 6 years in the ICU. I am Balloon Pump certified, ACLS, BLS.

    I am looking for a Hospital to work at. I am moving to the 78264 zipcode. That's the NW side, outside of the 1604.

    I currently make $35.30 an hour. I work 12 hour shifts.

    Where is a good system to work? Good to me is an administration that doesn't move you around to different shifts and units, and tell you to get over it. I need decent insurance, as my wife is a type I diabetic, with an insulin pump.

    I never call in to work, but I do take one vacation a year for wife's birthday.

    Which hospitals offer 12 hour shifts? Any of these area hospitls pay in the 35 range for a seasoned RN?

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  3. by   LibraNurse1974
    No one has any advice? Wow.
  4. by   HouTx
    Sorry you haven't gotten any responses.

    Welcome to Texas! With your experience, you shouldn't have any difficulties getting a job. Your preferred location is convenient to the SA Medical Center - home to several large hospitals. I cannot provide specific information on salary that you may be offered, but I do think that you should prepare yourself for a lower base rate than $35. I believe that most facilities offer 12 hour shifts.

    You didn't indicate what area you are currently living in - but I would venture to say that the cost of living in SA will be lower & this will probably offset a lower salary. No state income tax. Lower housing costs. It'll all work out.