Recruiting Menopausal Women in North Texas - ideas? Recruiting Menopausal Women in North Texas - ideas? | allnurses

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Recruiting Menopausal Women in North Texas - ideas?

  1. 0 Hi Texas Nurses,

    Just wondering if I can pick your brains?

    I work in research and we are conducting a research study involving menopausal women and heart health. Have been at this one for almost 2 years now and I am running out of no or low cost recruiting ideas. This study is not funded so advertising and mass (direct) mailing is out.

    Anyone have any ideas of places where I might get permission to hang my flyers to reach women ages 45 to 65?

    After 6 months of red tape I finally got permission to hang them in the break rooms of a local county hospital and have not rec'd one call. The flyers are very good and usually bring more response than that, but nurses are so busy!

    Any thoughts, ideas? I would really, really appreciate any input you might have.

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    Perhaps hang your flyers in the locker room of a locally owned all-women's gym? Lots of menopausal women will be exercising health clubs to keep from gaining weight.
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    Great idea - keep them coming please!

    Thanks Commuter - I was hoping you would respond. If you think of more please let me know!