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Hey Everyone!!:wavey: Haven't seen any posts about students trying to get in the program in the Summer/Fall of 2013 so I thought I should start one! Let's get to know one another!! Introduce yourself... Have you been... Read More

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    It seems like everyone who gets the purple app has been accepted. I haven't seen or heard of anyone who has gotten the purple app not be accepted.. keep us posted. Were u on the waitlist last semester? And what other school did you apply to?

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    Yes I was waitlisted last semester because I was in micro and nutrition. AMD a lot of other girls were waitlisted for being in Any classes :/. The other school is Chamberlain. Last semester for pv all the acceptance found out early and all the waitlisted found out in April last semester I got my wait list late October and acceptances were early Sept. I'm sorry to be the bad news hopefully that's not the case for this semester.
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    Sorry got distracted nobody found out April last year just September and October
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    Yeah Chamberlain's tuition is about 85k, definitely choose PV if u get accepted, it'll save you lots of money.
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    Hey kathynicole if you don't mind me asking what did your provisional acceptance letter say? Also did you get anything else along with the letter besides the purple app? Just wondering because I got the purple app last month along with a paper with all my grades, test scores, and gpa saying that I've completed all my pre reqs and stuff but I didn't get any letter .
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    have anyone heard anything from prairie view yet?
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    I haven't, not since I submitted my application. I called to find out when acceptance letters will be mailed and they said by the end of this month. Have you?
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    so like i said i was confused. i recieved the same thing you did and i had an x under provisional thats why i assumed i was accepted i called to clarify and they said what they sent was not acceptance. they just wanted me to fill out the purple upper clinical division application and then they will continue to review and if i get a letter again then im accepted.
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    Hopefully you do get accepted, its nothing but a waiting game now! *fingers crossed*
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    hi guys. do you guys know if we have to get health insurance?

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