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Anybody else applying to PV? If so when should we receive letters in the mail? And how was your experience applying to the school?... Read More

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    Quote from Moneca
    Hello rumwynnieRN,
    Thank you for you advise, why you did not like TWU? and yes I suck in math, but I am good in conversions. What do you recommend me to study for the drug cal test? I am so nervous about this nursing degree because I heard so many people saying many things about it, that I am not even know what to think. I am going to apply to TWU and PV because I want to have two options, but many people said that the teas is hard to pass. I know the program is hard because you are going to deal with people life's and that is really serious. I really want to do nursing because I do not see myself doing something else. However, I am afraid because I do not want get in the program and then realize that it is hard for me. Please tell me what to begin studying and maybe that will help me to begin a little bit strong in the nursing program.
    I didn't go to TWU -- I just knew people who went there or interacted with TWU students. I went to another school in Texas, way outside of Houston, like in the Big Country area.

    I didn't take TEAS so I don't know what to tell you there. There isn't really anything you can begin to study, other than brush up on math. I don't know if TWU has drug cal (I heard UT did, and they were more stringent that PV, but they stopped giving it because too many people were failing). The issue a lot of people have is figuring out how to study for nursing school because the tests are different.

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    i start in fall 2013
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    It was easy for you to get in the program for this semester, even though you were in the waiting list? It is the same process? (This is for somebody that got waitlist in PV) please I need information. I want to know if is possible for me to get in the program. Thank you.
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    Hey lalacb123,
    I hope you doing well, I have a question for you. Do you know anything about the classes that HCC offers to prepare you for the TEAS test? I know the class is for 3 days consecutive, and it costs $75, however somebody told me that is not good. If you know something about this let me know? please. I do not want to waist my time and money. Thank you.
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    Hey Moneca, I am not certain of any classes that HCC offers to prepare you for the TEAS exam.
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    Hey lalacb123,
    It's ok. Did you get the acceptance letter from PV? I am going to reapply. I spoke with Dr. Smith and she told me,that now that I finished with all my classes; I have a better opportunity to get in. I applied for TWU, however my GPA is 4.6 and they said is not highly competitive so I have to go back and retake one class to raise my GPA . Also I have to pass the TEAS with a 80% if I want to get in. So tell me about you? What are you going to do?
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    I actually just received a scholarship to Houston Baptist University and they also have a nursing program. I have to meet with the advisor to accept my scholarship. I will still apply to PV as a back-up but I'm hoping to get accepted to HBU.
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    Congratulations, all the best.
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    hey all im semester 3 at pv con let me know if u have questions
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    4.6 not highly competitive?! 80 on teas! TWU is doing the most

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