Parkland Residency's for January 2013

  1. Hi guys!

    I just wanted to start a thread for everyone applying for the January residency's at Parkland so we can keep each other updated on progress. I've been told that they take their time in getting back to people and the process is slow! I applied to the ER and MICU last weekend and haven't heard anything yet. What specialty areas have you guys applied to and have you been contacted yet?
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  3. by   xandarosa
    Hello, I applied to ER, L&D, and NICU. I'm working in home health right now so I decided not to apply to anything I don't love. I haven't heard anything.
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  4. by   78taylor99
    Hi there, I applied to Parkland's OR, NICU, and the Burn ICU. I have yet to hear anything from them. Since I would be relocating if hired, I stuck with applying to units in which I have a true interest.
  5. by   rnamelia
    I plan on relocating to the Dallas area as well if I'm selected 78taylor99!
  6. by   78taylor99
    I received an email from Parkland last night indicating that my application for the NICU was forwarded to the hiring manager. Has anyone else heard any news?
  7. by   rnamelia
    I received an email on Tuesday night essentially saying that my application for the MICU was still under review by a recruiter and if I met the minimum qualifications I would be contacted to move forward... I definitely meet the minimum qualifications or else I wouldn't have applied! Did you recieve an email similar to this before you recieved the hiring manager email 78taylor99?
  8. by   78taylor99
    No, I did not receive that type of email, this was the first I have heard from them. It stated that I met the minimum requirements and my app would be forwarded to the hiring manager. I would think that most people who applied though would meet the minimum requirements since it wouldn't really make sense to apply if you didn't. It seems like the hiring managers would be bombarded with applications if they did in fact forward all apps only meeting the minimum requirements.
  9. by   hoping0830
    Is this thread about the Parkland nurse residency for Critical Care and OR starting February 11th? If it is when did any of you apply for the position? Recently or a while back?
  10. by   rnamelia
    Hi hoping0830! This is a thread for all the nurse residency programs starting in February. I applied for the ER and MICU two weeks ago. What did you apply for? Have you heard anything from them yet?
  11. by   hoping0830
    Hi rnamelia
    No, I haven't heard anything yet. I just applied on the 5th so I guess I got my application in on the last day they were accepting them. Well, I did get an email that they got my application, but no real correspondence.
    I applied to to the Critical Care and OR resident position.
    Anyone else apply to that?
  12. by   78taylor99
    I received a second email indicating that my app for the NICU was rejected. I still have apps pending for the OR and the Burn ICU, and I have yet to hear anything regarding those units.
  13. by   rnamelia
    What is everyone's experience and education background? I don't have any hospital experience and I have a BSN.
  14. by   hoping0830
    I have a bachelor's degree in teaching but not a BSN. I am working as a PCT right now for experience and it took a lot of time to get an interview and finally this job. I graduate in December.