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Just curious if someone knows more details than me. I found the SICU residency is finally listed but no other specialty residency. There are a generic Nurse residency and it asks you to list by Floor... Read More

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    Quote from crimson
    Got email from ER stating if you had not been contacted to date then you were not selected.
    As did I. That was only from the ER department though we shall see how my other 20+ applications go with Parkland.
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    I got the same standardized email. I was going for an ICU residency program though.
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    I guess I should be expecting the same emails as well es BUENO!!!! But since I am a 'new grad' with 6 months of non acute experience, this was kind of expected.
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    Although on the bright side, my current hospital offered me on the spot Cardiac Stepdown and possibly day shift. Will know for sure on the days in a day or two. I am good with that as my boss is also the manager for CVICU and her stepdown nurses get to float to ICU and get first choice for CVICU openings.
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    Amynbay- I recently applied for Parkland's MICU and SICU nurse resident positions for Sept. I got an email back saying both apps were forwarded to the hiring managers. I would love to speak with you about it more in detail in regards to it. Can you email me at