Parkland ER Residency July 2013

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    I recently interviewed for Parkland's ER this last Monday and was told I would hear some news by Friday. There are not ER threads for Parkland that are current, so I thought I would start one.

    Anyone interview? Anyone heard anything yet or received an offer? Thanks!!

    Best of Luck!!
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    I applied on Friday! I haven't heard anything back yet, but I heard a couple of people have already heard back.
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    I interviewed on Friday and received a job offer today.Good luck.
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    What time did you interview and did you feel confident you were going to get it? Should I give up hope because I interviewed the same day and I haven't heard anything
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    I don't think you should give up hope at all!I believe the interview went really well.I feel I truly showed them that I wanted to work for Parkland ,but by no means did I walk out and feel as if I nailed it.Stay positive and good luck.
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    I felt good about mine, but am worried I didnt' convince them. I wonder if it's rolling as in they are contacting one by one or they already have contacted everyone they are hiring
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    Was it by email or phone? Who was ur recruiter?
    I interviewed Monday and haven't heard back.
    I've heard of others recieving offers, but no declines that I have heard of.
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    Last message was for @gaby3187
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    I have yet to hear back as well, I interviewed Friday morning.
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    They contacted me through email for the job offer.

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