Nursing schools by the border?

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    I was just wondering if anyone has information about UT brownsville (ADN) program or UT pan america bsn program. It seems like no one applies to these school and I don't really blame them, but I don't mind going there for 2 years to get a degree. DOes anyone know if its hard to get into or any in site about these schools? THanks..
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    I don't know anything about the school but if you are going to go there you better start learning Spanish now. Diane
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    Did you ever find out anything? I am looking to apply
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    Hey moncj66. I just started using this and I'm not sure how to email you. Is there a way you can message me ur email?
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    Nightingalewannabe- Me and Moncj66 go to Texas A&M International University's BSN program, In Laredo, Texas (a border town) There is ALOT of spanish (But I promise you can make it regardless! I'm not a Spanish speaker, but I'm doing fine) It's a bit easier to get into, due to lack of awareness. Check it out!
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    South Texas College in McAllen also has an ADN program, and is fairly easy to get into.
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    Oh yea! Laredo Community College too (ADN) (they have a REAL GOOD reputation)
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