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Curious about new grad nurse opps in Texas, what parts of Texas are best opps to find job, if anyone knows of new grad training programs for OR. What are salaries like in TX. May be relocating there in May after graduating. Any... Read More

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    I would not move ANYWHERE in this economy without a signed offer of employment with salary info and a firm start date. Do not move before you have a job lined up. It remains very difficult for new grads to find positions in Texas at this time.

    As far as sign on bonuses, it is usually because the hospital has staffing issues due to a variety of reasons, from poor location to poor working conditions. Do your homework.

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    I'm moving frim cali to texas, any advice where can i have better chances of landing a job. By the way I'm newgrad RN
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    Along the Texas/Mexico border. The major cities are saturated.
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    Quote from not.done.yet
    Along the Texas/Mexico border. The major cities are saturated.
    I see ads on Craigslist for towns in the valley for RNs alllll the time. Your best bet is there but it is probably best you speak Spanish.

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