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Hi everyone, I'm a new graduate from NY and i'm seriously considering texas as a place to live and work. Might I ask how is job search for new grads in TX? Thank you... Read More

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    I'm moving to the DFW area myself because my husband job is relocated. Good luck, and it seem wherever you go if you can live and work in a rural area then that's your best bet!

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    Hello, I lived and went to college in Dallas and absolutely could not find a position after six months graduation. So it was off to south texas on the border for me!! Specifically Eagle Pass, TX. where they are paying me a 24000 dollar bonus in incriments every six months for two year contract. I was use to using the transit system in the Dallas area, so when I moved here without a car, I was saddened to find no bus service even. So I take a taxi that charges me 20 dollars one way!! There is a little shuttle that only costs two dollars, however they are never on time and I would have to get up two hours earlier to use it. So, just pre-plan before moving and look up Eagle Pass, TX-Fort Duncan Hospital, they are usually always hiring and may still offer bonus! Best of luck to you!!
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    @mom35 Thank you so much for sharing! I'll look em up hehe i was most happies to hear that you were able to move there w/o car .. as I have neither the monies for car nor the driving skills.

    Thank you everyone for sharing your tips with me. I do appreciate your support
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    I graduated in May from a school in MN, obtained my license in North Dakota, and moved to Texas 3 weeks ago. I put out like 200 applications and got 1 call for an interview. Luckily I got that job. So I suggest just put out a ton of applications. I am just south of Houston in the Clear Lake/Webster area. The place I work at just hired a bunch of new RN's without any experience and a lot of them are ADN's (I am an ADN). Good Luck!!! I hope you enjoy Texas when you get here!
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    I currently live in dutchess county NY (moved up there from westchester county) Ive been an RN for about 2 years am currently working in a childrens hospital where we recieve children from nicu to picu husband recently graduated as an RN (adn degree) and passed his boards in march and he is JUST getting call backs from places...he really wants to be in a hospital but all he can get is LTC or Rehab...and the payis god aweful (for NY) but he;s looking at it as an investment into himself as far as experience...its crazy here in really is...We too are looking into relocating to tx...houston area..I did want to move to the Dallas area but that whole Group One situation is enough to make me move to houston...I cant see myself moving across country with my family spend thousands of dollars and god forbid get reported to this agency which seems to be a nightmare and not be able to land a job later houston it is....We are looking into moving to the katy/cypress area in about 6 months...I'm so sick of the hustle and feel it even in the sticks....I thought moving further north into farm land would help...but nope! say go where you can and where you feel is right...
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    Thanks!! ok looking at the responses it seems TX is a viable plan. Thank you everyone for sharing your experience. I'll keep you all updated
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    anything in Austin for ADN with grad degrees in public health?

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