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  1. Does anyone have any information about Midwestern's Fall 2013 nursing class? I am so confused! I applied, but for weeks I didn't receive any email so I wasn't even sure if my application went through. So I called them and the lady said she sent me an email for a background check, but I never got it so she sent it again. Now that it's been a month since then, I am so lost. Most of the other nursing schools have more information online, or a place where you can check the status of your application. But I'm not receiving anything from Midwestern so I'm afraid they're going to email me and I won't get it! I emailed her again a few days ago, and I just got an email about getting my fingerprint done.
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  3. by   cheri55
    Hello I am also awaiting any information about my application. I heard that we were supossed to know sometime after the 30th of April. So im trying not to worry until next week. If you find out anything please let me know, and I will do the same for you.
  4. by   chipkali
    Yeah I finally got some answers and the lady said the same thing. 30th of April! But before I was so confused! I got my fingerprint done this week and the lady said we're going to get a blue card, so we should send back our filled out fast form or whatever with the blue card.
  5. by   Shorty11
    I currently attend Midwestern State University. About to finish my third semester of nursing classes.. I will graduate May 2014.
    Best of luck to you all! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
  6. by   cheri55
    That makes me even more nervous. I was going to ask you about the finger printing, I was looking through my emails and the only thing I saw that I did was the background check. So I am scared that I am missing something.
    @ shorty11 Thanks for the uplifiting comment. Its nice to see someone in the program respond to us, the ones that are trying to get into the program. I wanted to know what is your schedule like during the week. I just want to know how it will be with clinicals and classes and hopefully still be able to work some. Thanks
  7. by   chipkali
    Cheri55, someone sent me a fast form thing that had all the information on how to schedule a fingerprint, so I guess keep checking your email until you get it! It might be a different code for every person so maybe they're sending them out one by one. And thank you Shorty11! I just hope I get in somewhere. Midwestern seems like a really nice place to go.
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  9. by   cec104
    Hey guys! My name is Chelsea and I also applied for MSU nursing for Fall 2013! I heard that we wont find out if we got accepted until after April 30th, but who knows who long it will take after that! Anyways, I was wondering if ya'll know about how many points is a good number of points to have. Im getting so nervous and I just want to find out if I got in or not!
  10. by   chipkali
    I have no clue how many points is good! Yeah same here, I just want to know already so I can start planning what I'm going to do next semester.
  11. by   Shorty11
    Every semester the number of points required to get in is different. It is based on the group who applies that semester... some years the group averages higher, and therefore the number of points needed to get in is higher. Other years it is lower. I am about to finish my 3rd semester in the program. (Started nursing courses Spring 2012). I got into the program with 63 points. I believe the cut off that semester was 55 points. Other semesters I have heard that it has been higher and also lower. I was tired of waiting to receive my letter, so I called the school at the beginning of December. (They told us we would receive our letters for Spring acceptance by December 15th.) The nursing academic adviser was able to tell me over the phone that I was accepted. (Not really early, but maybe 10 days before letters when out). I have seen people post some pretty bad things about their experiences at MSU, but I personally really like the program, the teachers, and my classmates.
  12. by   moragwa
    how do i know how many points i have
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  14. by   CindyAnai
    Hi Guys!

    I've made a group on Facebook : facebook.com/groups/mwsunursing/

    It's for all of us wondering when we will get our letter and so forth. Please join and help this group grow.
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