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I saw that there wasn't a thread on MSU Spring 2013 yet... Recently received my acceptance letter through e-mail! So excited to get started on this new journey. Anyone else?!! To the alum or... Read More

  1. by   lildebbie
    @shorty...your right everyone is entitled to their opinion...and that's my opinion...Im glad I graduated that's about it....as I said before good luck to those who got accepted.
  2. by   Crysj06
    Thanks shorty for your positive input! I'm excited to start the program!
  3. by   Shorty11
    Good! You should be excited! Nursing school is challenging, yet very rewarding! I love it! As a current MWSU nursing student, I'll say we are very happy to have you! I love Midwestern and my fellow nursing students are so helpful and supportive! Hopefully you will have the same experience I have had so far. Feel free to send me a message or ask questions if you like. Congratulations and best of luck!!
  4. by   iffy3
    hey i got accepted into midwestern for the spring 2013 semester also. Im curious to know if we would need any type of transportation while in the program. I'm considering bringing my car are you?
  5. by   Crysj06
    Hey iffy3! Congrats on your acceptance! (: Yes, I will have a car. I'm sure we will need transportation for clinical rotations at the hospital.
  6. by   rosa41988lovesu
    I'm so excited to start the program and meet everyone
  7. by   Shorty11
    I would suggest bringing your car if you own one or getting together with your fellow classmates and arranging a carpool. All lectures are held on campus, but clinicals for first semester are held at the simulation center which is off campus (not far from campus, but 2 miles or so).
  8. by   KayyyT
    I'm soooooo late but I got into MSU's nursing program too! Yayyy us! I have so much stuff to get done. Ahhhh!
  9. by   amberlymarshall
    I would like to be on the facebook page....I was accepted this spring but gave up my place to take a place in the accelerated program that starts this summer!
  10. by   chipkali
    Does anyone have any information about Midwestern's Fall 2013 nursing class? I am so confused! I applied, but for weeks I didn't receive any email so I wasn't even sure if my application went through. So I called them and the lady said she sent me an email for a background check, but I never got it so she sent it again. Now that it's been a month since then, I am so lost. Most of the other nursing schools have more information online, or a place where you can check the status of your application. But I'm not receiving anything from Midwestern so I'm afraid they're going to email me and I won't get it! I emailed her again a few days ago, and I just got an email about getting my fingerprint done. I don't know how to start a new post for the fall class so I hope someone sees it here.
  11. by   Thenurselady
    Hello everyone,

    I was wondering about the Summer Accelerated BSN program that they are rolling out this summer (June 2013). I tried to start a thread about it, but I'm new to "allnurses", and haven't quiet figured it out yet.

    1. Have any of you applied to the program?
    2. Have you heard anything about the program, (cost of tuition, division of classes within semester, how many people applied)?
    3. Are the professors of the program approachable, understanding?

    The website has minimal details to my previous questions. I'd really appreciate if anyone has info.

    The Nurse Lady
  12. by   Thenurselady
    Hi Crysj06,

    How's the program so far? Are you enjoying the education you're getting at MSWU? How helpful are the professors? What would you say is the best and worst thing about the program? Have you heard anything about the accelerated program that is starting this summer? Any insight would help a lot.

    Thank you!
  13. by   moragwa
    i called them and they are waiting for the committee to meet.