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Hey New Grads! I wanted to start a thread to see if anyone else on here applied to the Memorial Hermann. I recently applied and received an invitation to their Match Day. Anyone else ever participate in this event? I'm looking... Read More

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    Woo Hoo! Congrats everyone! Can't wait to meet everyone! It's gonna be great!

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    Congrats!! I am graduating this summer with my BSN and was curious if Memorial Hermann hires for summer graduates?? Any info is greatly appreciated especially if they include NICU - I am currently in a Nurse Residency program but my husband has been living in Houston (job relocation) and as soon as I graduate we plan on joining him there.
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    I believe they hire new grads for summer (July) and January.
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    Hey I know this thread is a little old just curious and had a few questions, what is the starting base pay for a new grad with them normally?
    I've read in different threads on here it seems to be lower than other hospitals...
    Is the match day in a group interview type setting?

    Thank you!

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