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Hey New Grads! I wanted to start a thread to see if anyone else on here applied to the Memorial Hermann. I recently applied and received an invitation to their Match Day. Anyone else ever participate in this event? I'm looking... Read More

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    Quote from Belle2013
    I was at match day also. It was extremely unorganized. My interview along with several other people around me, didnt take place until 2-3 hours after our scheduled time. I do know that some people at my school received rejection emails the next day. What units did you guys interview for?
    Hi Belle2013,

    I was the first group to be called in to interview. I interviewed with surgical specialties because I want to do transplant nursing. So I didn't wait long at all. I'm sorry to hear some of your friends got rejection emails the next day, that always super difficult. I flew in from California and hoping I get a second interview, I really really really want to work for Memorial Hermann... It would be a dream job! Hopefully we get some good news this coming week.

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    I recently applied to the Northwest and Kingwood GN location hopefully I get a reply soon.
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    Anyone hear any news from Memorial Hermann - Texas Medical Center! Still on pins and needles...
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    Nope! I am hearing of people getting rejection letters though. Tomorrow is 1 week so hoping to hear something!
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    I actually just got an email today that stated they are still waiting for feedback about my interview last week, sooooooo... still waiting...hopefully hear something soon...Good luck Belle2013... Oh yeah, did they get rejection emails or letters?
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    Emails. What unit did you interview for?
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    I interviewed for surgical specialties ... How about you...
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    I interview for surgical specialties... How about you?
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    if I didn't get an invite to match day do you think I still have a chance to interview?
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    I would contact HR... Maybe plead your care.

    Quote from newGNTX
    if I didn't get an invite to match day do you think I still have a chance to interview?

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