Memorial Hermann-Nurse Residency Spring 2018 - page 20

Just making a thread for Memorial Hermann's Graduate Nurse Residency program for Spring 2018, so we can keep each other updated on our process. Started filling out my application today! Super excited... Read More

  1. by   iheartnursing79
    Quote from SPH.RN17
    I'm just really confused because I haven't heard of anyone getting the PICU job...
    Me too. I was under the assumption that they had 4 spots (what they told me pre-match day) but I feel like that may not have been the case now
  2. by   nursinging16
    I got my rejection email today too Keep your head up guys. I have been looking for a job for over a year now... Hoping something gives.
  3. by   .missnurselady.
    Quote from Astros221
    I emailed her and didnt get a response from her, she just sent me a recorded rejection email. Pretty pathetic process.
    I also received a rejection email today.
  4. by   SPH.RN17
    I still haven't heard anything...I just emailed the recruiter.
  5. by   iheartnursing79
    Update: got my rejection letter. Trying not to let it get me down. Its just one hospital
  6. by   SPH.RN17
    Just got rejected too.
  7. by   s.leblanc2014
    Quote from Astros221
    Yeah. I knew it was coming, but I think it's pathetic to not get a single personal response from memorial hermanns recruiter. Sent multiple emails and never got a response until finally she just forward the automated rejection email. It's all good. I love graduating and not being able to get a job in this "nursing shortage". The way they handled the process makes me not want to work for any of their organizations.
    I can definitely agree with you on that one. Being an ADN, nobody is interviewing us until they've interviewed all of the BSN applicants. Yay
  8. by   ashlyndee
    I am graduating in May 2018 - should I have already sent my app in?? I thought the deadline was February?