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If anyone is interested in Memorial Hermann, their Nurse Internships are up. Areas include OR, ER, ICU, Women's Services, and Med Surge.... Read More

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    No clue, but I would assume that they would have had to do some narrowing down. I doubt they would interview every single person that was there today, because then what would have been the point of the panel interview. I'm assuming there were probably about 25-30 candidates at Match Day, so maybe 15-20 call backs? I heard from someone that there may be only 6 spots available.. Not sure how true that is though.
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    well they said there were 3 times to choose from for 2nd interviews on may 1, 2, & 3, so that leads me to believe there were only about ten call backs?
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    My friend was offered a job at Northeast..she didn't do any match day or anything..interviewed with recruiter then director of the floor and was hired on the spot.
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    Nicu candidates:,how did your 2nd interviews go? Good luck to all!
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    So I applied for the MH internship for women's services at the end of Feb. i never heard anything back from them during their interview time frame. So, I just wrote it off and forgot all about it. Then, a week ago i received a call from HR about interviewing with MH Southwest for their L&D internship. My interview was May 8. I interviewed with the nursing director and nursing manager. I was never asked to provide additional info before the interview, and didn't participate in match day. I have already graduated with my BSN and have already passed NCLEX. Do you think this may explain why my process was different?Oh, and if I were to get the job, the director said the internship doesn't start till July. I guess start dates vary for different locations? I would love any insight anyone has. Thanks ;-)
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    congrats applejacks! I applied to the Women's Services internship in Feb and haven't heard anything back. I've kind of written it off since it seems others are getting interviews. We'll see...
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    Thanks. I haven't heard anything about whether i have the job or not. The director told me to call her if she hasn't called me by noon today. I think my interview went really good. They even gave me a 30 minute tour of the unit after we finished up. However, they did have one more interview after me. So who knows... I wouldn't give up yet. You never know. People sometimes turn down offers. Since the position still needs to be filled, they continue looking.
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    So, how many of you have been hired??

    Are the people hired all BSN graduates?