Medical City Hospital Dallas Internship July 2013 - page 3

I'm inquiring if others have applied to the internship at Medical City Hospital in Dallas for July 2013. I just applied a few days ago and wanted to see if anyone knew how competitive they are or how many people they plan to... Read More

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    @bubbasmom congrats!!! What department will you be in?

    I'm still hoping for an e-mail. I emailed the recruiter and she said she didn't even know what unit I was applying for when it clearly states PICU on the top of my cover letter and resume.. :/ *hmph

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    Hi bubbasmom,

    Can you tell me how exactly did the interview go? Like what kind of questions did they ask you? Was is with just the hiring manager or was it a panel interview? I'm afraid I'll bomb the interview b/c of my nerves. I'm really hoping I get a job in the NICU there!! Thank you.
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    Has anyone heard from them yet?
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    Anyone heard anything from a unit aside from NICU?
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    still nothing more from NICU
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    Quote from dreambig19
    still nothing more from NICU
    Same :/
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    Has anyone heard from ICU?
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    I haven't heard anything about the OR on this thread. Has anyone applied to this department and if so have you heard from them?
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    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to the group. I applied to the NICU as well and received that informational letter, I responded asking about the next step in the application process. Has anybody heard anything else after the letter??

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    I was invited to interview for the NICU next Tuesday 5/7, anyone else?

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