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Hi everyone, I received an interview for the MD Anderson Clinical Nurse Residency Program starting hopefully mid-March. I'm incredibly nervous because this is my first call back. Anybody have any tips on... How the... Read More

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    I applied for April/ May new grad too, and i havent heard anything yet also 😁

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    You do not have to have your license until the start date of the program. So you can go ahead and apply for the GN program. I believe they are going to make some offers to applicants who have already been through the interview process and then if there are still spots they will start interviewing more people
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    Still waiting for a call regarding a decision. I called HR today, and she was in a interview so I left her a voicemail. I actually can't believe there is still ongoing interviews for a programs who's last starting date is in a month.
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    Any news? Just applied 2 weeks ago and still nothing..
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    Got the call yesterday and was offered the Pedi position!! Can't wait to start!
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    Congratulations leighanna.hutchinson! I got an email saying I would get a call soon about a offer, so I'm waiting patiently
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    Are you starting the summer internship program? I had a second interview and am hoping for a call today. I heard they were making all their decisions by the end of this week.
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    Congrats! To those who had interviews/offers.... When do you start? Do you mind sharing your GPA and preceptorship experience??
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    @Belle2013 : Yes I'm in the summer program! And they are starting to call all the applicants and make the offers! Good luck!

    @blueorchid981: The start dates vary in each department. My tentative start date contingent upon passing NCLEX is June 10th. They never asked for my GPA. I did most of my clinicals at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas and my pedi rotation at Children's Medical Center in Dallas.

    Good luck everyone! Hope to meet y'all this summer!
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    Thank you! Congrats to you!

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