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Hi everyone, I received an interview for the MD Anderson Clinical Nurse Residency Program starting hopefully mid-March. I'm incredibly nervous because this is my first call back. Anybody have... Read More

  1. by   Phlisha
    I got called yesterday but missed the call . The nurse recruiter left a msg so I left a msg when i called bk . Hopefully i get someone on monday.
  2. by   knm1107
    I too was selected and was contacted yesterday to make an offer which I accepted...I am beyond thrilled, so honored, and incredibly excited! I'm a Houston native but went to the University of Colorado for nursing I'm back! I'm so excited to start and meet everyone
  3. by   mayo_23
    i was also sent an email for a job offer this past friday and the recruiter said i'd be contacted this week for more details!! i'm beyond excited.
  4. by   may2013grad
    Hi everyone, when did you guys have your second interview??
  5. by   reenstar
    Early July for the panel interview, HR interview was about mid-June.
  6. by   Phlisha
    I finally got a hold of the recruiter and accepted the job i am supperrrr excited.
  7. by   Nperreira
    I also got the email last week letting me know I was receiving an offer for the residency program-which I am of course accepting! I am soo excited and honored, and looking forward to making my move to Houston from IL in a few short weeks. I do not know my unit/shift yet, and I had said I am open to anything, so I am very interested to see where I'm placed. Please update when anyone knows what unit they're placed on and your start date! Looking forward to meeting and working with you guys
  8. by   Phlisha
    I will be on lymphoma unit night shift. I am super excited i moved from NYC 3 weeks ago.
  9. by   Hannah_PsychRN
    I was notified on Friday I'd be receiving an offer, and then told I would hear back today with an update on unit/shift. It's almost 3pm and haven't heard anything yet, hopefully I'll know soon!
  10. by   Hannah_PsychRN
    Just heard back from the recruiter, she said they're receiving a few approvals each day for positions and they haven't finalized mine yet. Theyre extending official offers as soon as the positions are approved and they're trying to match us all with our preferences, so some are taking longer than others.
  11. by   mayo_23
    hey! i'm also waiting to hear back from the recruiter. what were ur top areas to work in?
  12. by   Hannah_PsychRN
    hi mayo! i requested melanoma and breast/ovarian cancer, since they're both prevalent in my family. and i said day or night shift was fine! what did you request?
    so exciting we were accepted! are you from houston? i just moved out here for my hubby's job last month
  13. by   mayo_23
    i requested stem cell, GU/GI Endoscopy and GYN and i also said days or nights were fine with me. I'm actually from dallas but i go to houston often and i love it there so i'm excited to move! hope you're liking it so far!. what start date are u choosing? i think im gona go with sep 9