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The idea of this topic is to help future applicants get an idea of the scores that got a previous class admitted or wait listed. There isn't much information out there from the school, so I thought... Read More

  1. by   heather5619

    Yes I was also told by a current ADN student (cy-fair) that something fishy is going on with the tomball campus. This worries me as it is my second choice. I don't want to put any false information out there, but the rumor is that they might not be a part of the lsc system for much longer. I'm not sure how that would affect any students in progress with them. If anyone has any information I would very much like to know! Pm is welcome as well.
  2. by   ikegrad2002
    HI YA'LL! I'm currently in the ADN Program at Kingwood. You can't always go by what everyone else says. What may be "BAD" to one person, might be "GOOD" for the next. Go to the college and speak directly to the Nursing department if you guys have any concerns. I will say just follow your heart. I haven't looked into Tomball's program, but if they haven't put anything on their website that makes you think otherwise, then I would go for it. GOOD LUCK!!!!