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Anyone applying? Does anyone know if there is a traditional program for kingwood?... Read More

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    Your information is incorrect. I am in the ADN program at Kingwood, and I had an 11.9 when I got in, and it was right in the middle. I also had two degrees and a 3.78 total GPA to back it up...Nobody gets in anymore with even 1 b in the 3 core classes.

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    Actually...every semester the minimum score to get in is different, depending on how many students apply and what their totals are. I was accepted into the fall 2012 Cyfair program with an 11.3 and there were scores below mine that got in to. So yeah it's definitely different every semester, so don't get discouraged.... It's not impossible
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    I am an LVN here in Spring and am working on my prerequisites for the LVN-RN Transition program. I am wondering how my scores for A&P I-II will be considered for my points if they were taken over 10 yrs ago. I am now signed up this Fall for the A&P Refresher, as well as English and Gen Psych. I never took any of the core courses before pursuing my LVN. I don't suppse I will be eligible to apply for the Transition program until I complete Micro, which i will take in the spring. Is this correct? I wanted to be able to turn in my application during the Jan - March window coming up. When will the next window for application acceptance be after that?

    Btw, congrats on getting in and let us know how the program is going for you. I am very interested in the Quest program too.

    If you or anyone else can give me some guidance, I would certainly appreciate it!


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