Lonestar Spring 2013 - page 42

Anyone applying? Does anyone know if there is a traditional program for kingwood?... Read More

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    Yes, on barker cypress/west rd.

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    Thank-you so much for the information you provided. I know nursing school will not be easy, but I'm ready for the journey!
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    What exactly is included in the basic studentlab kit?
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    For students in the Quest program, are you concerned that we haven't received any communication about the first week? Or have we, and I didn't get it? I know that orientation is Friday, and most of our questions will be answered then, but I'd still like to know what to look forward to next week rather than receive it one day before class starts. Not panicky, just wondering.
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    renee926, Have you checked your messages? Not in your MyLonestar email, but in Angel? I'm not in the Quest program, but the Basic Track and that's where the Nursing Professors have been leaving me messages.
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    I've checked Angel but the professor said that the information was for face-to-face students only and we should wait for Quest Online information from a specific professor. Hmmm.
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    OH OK. I'm sure they will post something soon, hopefully.
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    (deleted my double-post. oops!)
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    Has anyone recently taken the Hesi? How was it? I need study pointers. I can't believe physics and chemistry is in it now!
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    I can't remember the differences between the basic and the advanced nursing kits for Cyfair students because most of us just combined both kits in a big bag. We were required to bring that bag to lab everyday and both kits were used for nursing skills I and II. The kits included stuff like a penlight, gown, gloves, tons of gauze, scissors, bandages, IV bags and tubing, vials, syringes, colostomy bag, Foley catheter kit, trach care kit, NG tube, Iv starter kit, etc.

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