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Anyone applying? Does anyone know if there is a traditional program for kingwood?... Read More

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    I'M GOING!! Trying to figure out what to wear though?

    On another note, were people getting emails about needed supplies, from CyFair?!
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    For the Kingwood people, do we have to get the book package before rnsg 1105 starts 2 weeks from now? Is it available at the bookstore allready? I am going with traditional books. I am going to use what I am most comfortable with instead of trying something that I am not familiar with. During the orientation we were told that we would have only 2 days of class and 1 day of clinical, right?
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    I don't think you need the book package for 1105 but I couldn't remember if we needed the lab kit. For some reason, I have in my notes that the lab kit was needed for 1105 but it shows to be a component of rsng 1523 from the bookstore, so I was thinking I wrote that down wrong.

    I purchased the e-books but I'm not in the traditional program (Quest), so the learning experience is formatted differently. I have access to printing and binding services, so it wouldn't be anything to just print the entire e-book if I needed to.

    Has anyone been registered yet?
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    I just looked into my student account and it's showing that I am already registered for the RNSG 1105 course and for classes in January, but it doesn't show on my "mylonestar" main page when I click on My schedule. Is anyone else already registered? Might sound crazy but I'm Just trying to make sure I didn't accidentally register myself LOL
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    Nope, you are not seeing things...I just happened to log on to mylonestar and saw that I had a charge. Turns out I am registered too!!! My homescreen was showing me as not registered either. But when I clicked on shedule and choose spring 2013..it was there!! I got the day schedule and Monday clinicals. Soo happy and totally relieved about that!!
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    Lol cool! I got Tuesday clinicals! My other classes are.Wed/Thursday. Do you have to take the RNSG 1105 class? I got the 9 -5 schedule. M-F
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    Ah, this sucks. I'm not registered for any classes yet. I guess next week.
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    Make sure you look everywhere in your account and not just the main page of your MY LONESTAR. If not, maybe you will be Monday!
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    Yes, check your account iamleeann. My homepage said that I wasn't registered either and there was no email notification. Ikegrad2002 I have M-F 9-5 also. I am glad that we don't have to go on Saturday as well because I thought we had to. LOL..funny how we are all trying to piece all the tidbits of info together.