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Anyone applying? Does anyone know if there is a traditional program for kingwood?... Read More

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    That is a great score! Yeah if I were applying for the ADN program my total would be 11.6...If I don't get into the LVN program, I may apply for the Spring ADN program. I have heard that past cut off scores were around 11.5-11.6 but I don't know if that is right. Do you have any idea what they have been?

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    No sorry I am not sure but I know it depends on the applicant pool at the time.. maybe this will help a little http://allnurses.com/tx-nursing-prog...95-page16.html
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    Any of you taking ap2 or chem 1405 over the summer at cyfair???
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    Well, I have officially applied. I turned in my application at kingwood today. I was told that last year the lowest score that made it into the program was a 6.24 (an alternate) so I am feeling pretty good!
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    Wow!!! That is great news!!! Now all you have to do is sit and wait for your acceptance letter!!! ...as patiently as you can lol
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    Double post.
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    I applied to cy fair as first choice and kingwood as second with a score of 6.68. I know that is too low for cy fair but seeing the lowest acceptance score of 6.28 for king wood gives me hope! Good luck!!!
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    Mallory86, did you get that info from the nursing office at kingwood?! Thanks!
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    I actually got that information from the nursing department at Montgomery where I have been taking classes. I know Kingwood's acceptance scores are different but Kingwood accepts 40 new students where as Montgomery only accepts 24.
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    I am actually rethinking everything right now though... I am struggling to find a daycare that I am happy with that has an opening for my 3 year old son. I am considering just spending the next year home with him while continuing to complete all of my general ed requirements and then starting next summer with Montgomery's program. Then I will be ready to go into a RN-BSN program once I finish the lone star program.

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