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Anyone applying? Does anyone know if there is a traditional program for kingwood?... Read More

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    It's going OK. School is hectic with many projects, quizzes and tons of reading lol. But it's not impossible so that's good.
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    I received my blue card Thursday. Just keep watching out for it in the mail. It doesn't come in a envelope, just a small blue post looking card. It may get mixed in your junk mail, so make sure you don't throw it away by mistake. It is from the BON and on it it states if your FBI/Background check is clear. See ya'll Monday : )
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    Crap now I'm worried lol...
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    LOL. Don't worry. You will get it : )
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    . Thanks for the info on orientation. They proberbly will do a urinalysis because we have to pay before or on the seventh. I have been checking very carefully for the card, but nothing yet.
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    I haven't received a blue card yet either and I've been digging in my junk mail everyday just incase. Lol I'm so excited about tomorrow!!
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    I recieved my acceptance letter to Kingwood as an alternate. congrats to all that got in. I applied with 11.236
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    Congrats! Any thoughts or comments after today's orientation ?
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    I really didn't know who was who at orientation since I can't see anyone's picture, but I know I may have looked different in person than my picture up top since I had my eyeglasses on LOL! Orientation was good, now it's time to get all our paperwork in order for Dec 3rd. I hope I get day classes!
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    Whew...losts of info...even more questions. lol. I will be taking the December course, wasn't quite expecting that. Here's a question that I have: is the 2 hour lab at Kingwood Hospital? Only on FB someone had posted a few videos and they were showing the lab at Kingwood Hospital. I went and got my 2nd hep B shot today..and almost had a heart attack when they told me that "technically" I have to wait 4 months until I can get the third shot. Luckily...that is a recommendation and I can get it done sooner. When I started the shot I thought I had until January. On the immunization form that I downloaded off the KW website it said that there are 4 HEP. B shots? I thought we only had to get 3?

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