lonestar nursing 2014 hopeful

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    Hi, just wanted to start a post about my process of applying at lonestar. Hope to hear from other applicants! I have just taken my HESI and will be applying for the spring semester with a score of 11.54
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    Moved to the Texas State Nursing Programs forum for more of a response.
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    I will be applying to Kingwood Spring 2014. Will be taking Hesi next month. Good luck to us
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    Hello am also applying for spring 2014 (kingwood and cyfair). I have to retake the hesi didnt pass the vocab and A&P hope to pass this time around. When are you taking test, i am planing to retake June 3rd. How are you studing? What is your GPA for AP, Pych and English. I have a B on all three, not sure if i should retake aleast Pych and english and get an A. I wonder what was the drop off points for kingwood, do happen to know of an idea. Good luck
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    I applied last spring to Kingwood and Cyfair. Was an alternate for Kingwood and got into Cyfair. My score was 11.36, because of personal issues I couldn't attend, now here I go again.
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    Sounds good morgan, hope we get in(keeping my fingercross) Are you going to the informatio session next month?
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    That's unfortunate Morgan. I hope the applicant pool isn't big this time around. I am eager to know what others will be applying with!
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    I JUST PASSED MY HESI!! I dont mind sharing my A&P exam questions. The questions are more difficult than my pass (2 times) hesi A&P. I MADE A 96! Math 90,All English were B averages (my weak area). My chart score is 11.33 and hoping to get in for cyfair first choice!! I so eagerly excited as I have came a long way baby! Anywho, I am looking forward to studying nursing with many of you!! GOOD LUCK!!!
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    I plan on submitting my application to Kingwood/CyFair with a score of 11.56. I also submitted my application for the LVN program with the fall 2013 start.....just wanted to make sure I have a backup plan. Good luck to everyone that is applying.
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    I am applying for the 2014 spring semester as well! I am taking med micro and A&p 2 in the 2nd summer session. Hopefully I can get an A. I have 1 A and 2 B's. I took the Hesi and didn't pass the A&p section. For those of you who have taken it and passed what are you using to study? I am taking it again in August. Any help is appreciated, hopefully we can all get in!