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Hi, just wanted to start a post about my process of applying at lonestar. Hope to hear from other applicants! I have just taken my HESI and will be applying for the spring semester with a score of 11.54... Read More

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    Quote from hikari24
    I sent VA an email to check about the books. I will probably do the same and call the school FA office.
    Do you mind letting me know what she says? I believe all schools use the same books. May I ask what your score was on your application?

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    I will post what she tells me if she does respond. It seems to take a while, I figure there are a bunch of us asking questions everyday. I cant remember exactly, but it was I think over 10.5, I think. Not very high. I chose not to retake classes I took in the 90's and I was afraid to redo my A&P stuff, I made B's in all my sciences and I was very happy to have made them. If I had ignored my kids and family I might have made A's, but I decided not to forsake my family so I was happy with a B. Ill post if I hear anything.
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    Does anyone know when we will see which classes we are registered for? The financial aid office said my loan amount that I will receive will not appear on my account until I am registered for at least 6 credit hours. Just want to make sure my loans will be ready for Spring!
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    I am so glad I found this thread! I am getting so excited/nervous waiting on our schedules...and THE BLUE CARD...has anyone received theirs yet???...I feel like it's taking forever. I did the FAST fingerprinting 2days after she sent it to our emails.
    Also, we should set up a facebook group.
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    I know that not every school uses the same books. When I was an alternate for the woodlands their book list was different from ours at Kingwood.
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    Okay well that's good to know. I don't plan on buying anything but the stethoscope until I hear something.
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    I talk to FA this morning and since I am done with the FAFSA and it is already in the system, she told me to go to Studentloans.gov and I could do that and whenever I am finally accepted I can finish up the loan process. If you need the school ID she said it was 011145. This is for student loan information and I can not tell you about grants, apparently I dont qualify.
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    Hi Krystalis! I received my blue card I want to say the week before last. You may want to call the Bon and ask them about your card.
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    And Kingwood still has not received the information about the books for the package. I have been calling adult and she says she has been calling the dept. Daily but no word.
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    Thanks for the info hikari! Krystalis were you accepted to Kingwood or Cy-fair?

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