Lone Star Fall 2012 ADN Applicants

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    I applied to Lone Star - ADN program Spring 2012. I was accepted as an alternate. I am hoping to get a call from the nursing department saying there is a spot for me. If not I will be reapplying for the next application period for entrance to the program in the Fall 2012. Good luck everyone!!!!
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    I submitted my application to the Tomball campus yesterday. I was the second student on the list to have submitted an application.
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    Feb. 1, 2012 - There are twenty-seven more business days left for students to submit their application to any of the Lone Star College ADN Programs that begin in the Fall 2012. Good luck everyone who is applying!!!
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    Just applied a few days ago to (in this order) Cyfair, North Harris, Tomball, Montgomery. My score is an 11.40, so I hope I get in since this will be my 3rd semester applying. Fingers crossed!
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    I know the feeling. This is my second time to apply. I was an alternate for cy-fair with a score of 11.2468. This application period, my score is 11.54. My choices are Tomball, Cyfair, North Harris, and Montgomery. Maybe i will make it this time around. I have also applied to HCC, they are expanding their program and will be accepting a record number of students for their program. I am waiting to complete pharm this semester so I can take the math calculations test at HCC. You have to score above a 90 on the test to get into their program, plus pass. Pharm.
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    Yeah the past two times I applied I had an 11.1, so bumping it up to an 11.4 will hopefully help out. I'm actually going to HCC's seminar tonight to try and learn more about it, maybe apply.
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    Have you completed pharm? I suggest that you take an unofficial copy of ur transcript with you. you will get a chance to talk with an advisor at the end of the session
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    I went to the ER meeting and it looks like I have everything to apply. Also, my understanding is that once you get accepted to the nursing program, then you're suppose to sign up for the pharm class, does anyone know anything differently?
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    When I submitted my application in mid-Jan, I was already enrolled in pharm at LSC. The advisor I spoke with at Coleman did tell me that I would need to bring them an updated transcript once I completed the classes I am currently enrolled in so I can get signed up to take their math calculations test. Once you submit your application to Coleman, they will approve you to take the pharm class at HCC, since the spring semester has already began you will have to enroll for the pharm class during the summer. Once you pass the pharm class you will then be contacted to take the math calculations test to determine your entrance into the ADN program at HCC.

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