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License renewal question

  1. 0 I just renewed my RN license for the first time. I did it online. Are they supposed to send me a new license/certificate/card that has the new expiration date on it? I renewed like 2 months ago and haven't heard or received anything since then.. I'm starting a new job this week and they need my current license.. getting kinda worried about this!!
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    The state of Texas stopped issuing the wallet-sized licenses in September 2008. Therefore, you will not have "heard or received anything."

    Your new workplace should have already known that the Texas BNE no longer issues the wallet-sized licenses. If your new job would like to verify the status of your license, they will need to do it online.
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    Thanks! And I'm sure my employer does know that.. I'm starting Monday and was just going by the email request to all new RNs for a current license. Good to know.
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    I wasn't thrilled about this because my name changed and I barely made it in time to get a wallet license! I wish I could get a new big license to reflect the name change!