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  1. hello, texas nurses

    i just got hired by one of the hospitals in tmc and i'm very happy about it. i'm still in MA and i'm working on endorsing my license to TX BON. I submitted all requirements (application form, pics, fp card, and fee). The counterpart BON in the Phil (where I am a citizen and got my nursing education) already sent the verification of my license directly to TX BON. And i already applied thru nursys for the verification of my MA license. My question is: Is the verification thru nursys the only thing i have to do to satisfy the verification requirement or do i have to forward paperwork to MA BON so they can send directly to TX BON. This process (along with the burden of planning and packing for the move) is a little stressful to me so much so that any clarification will be very helpful.

    also, what part of houston do you suggest we live in when i start working in tmc. i read that traffic is a problem. i have a husband and two little twin girls so we're hoping to buy a house soon and get settled for good.

    thank you.:redpinkhe
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  3. by   KrysyRN
    Hello....I am also moving to Texas, and I called them a few weeks ago to ask them about the same question you have regarding verfication and Nursys. The TX board stated that they only use Nursys for verification of licensure. If MA also uses it, then you won't have to have the MA board send a hard copy for verification. If MA does not use Nursys, then the MA board of nursing will have to send a hard copy of proof of licensure. Hope that makes sense!

    I've had LPN licenses in 4 states. 3 use Nursys, and 1 doesn't. For the 3 that do use it, I filled in 3 verification forms with all of the pertinent info, but wrote in bold across the top of the form "Info available on Nursys" and submitted this to the TX board. It's been 3 weeks since I submitted the forms, and I haven't heard from the TX board that this was done inaccurately yet, so hopefully, it's ok. For the state that does not use Nursys, I sent them a paper copy of the verification form to send to Texas. A little off topic, but I wish all BONs would use Nursys. The pen-and-paper method of verifications seems so antiquated.