Lets help each other out. Who is hiring New grads: RN or LVN

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    Hello Texas Nurses~
    Lets help each other out. Do you know an organization that is hiring new grads RN or LVN with little or no experience.

    The organizations can be a hospital, hospice, home care, SNF, clinic etc. Please post it and lets help each other get jobs and grow.

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    st. david's in austin is now hiring new graduates and md anderson will be opening up their residency application on february 10. good luck!
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    Baylor has posted their new grad positions this week, UT southwestern should be following shortly.

    Ben Taub Memorial posted theirs, and new grad positions for Parkland are popping up a couple times if you browse the career postings regularly...
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    methodist houston has posted their GN program.
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    hey guys, methodist in houston has posted their GN program.
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    If you want a new grad job, look in the cities with less than 100,000 people. Rural hospitals always hire new grads.
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    Thanks. Everyone. Keep in coming.
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    I just interviewed at Scott & White temple.
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    Quote from lwhatley
    I just interviewed at Scott & White temple.
    For their summer GN program? I thought the application didn't open until March.
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    No they delayed their January Internship, so they did interviews for their ICU internship positions this past week for a program that starts March 10th.

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