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  1. hello all,

    has anyone applied to the kingwood online self-paced adn program for students who already possess a bachelor's degree? interviews are being held this week. i'm really nervous. i think they are going to be accepting only 10 or 15 applicants. this is a pilot program beginning in the fall.

    can anyone provide nursing school interviewing tips? i'm also really nervous about attending an online nursing program without previous nursing experience. i figure that since this is a pilot program and the first class must graduate before the program can have full accreditation that the professors should be extremely helpful in trying to ensure that everyone graduates. i hope i'm not wrong about this. any input would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
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  3. by   toonces73
    I interviewed with Kingwood yesterday. It seemed to go well. The director and a professor asked me about 8 or so questions and then asked if I had any questions. They were both very nice. No need to be nervous. I believe they have the interviews set at 20 minutes. Good luck.

    I am curious how many people they are interviewing since they only have 10 spots.
  4. by   CurlyGirlie
    toonces73 thanks for responding. i've thought long and hard about this, and i've decided that i'm going to keep my slot with north harris. i've spoken with quite a few nurses, and they have all recommended that i enroll in an on campus nursing program since i do not have previous nursing experience. the online program would be very convenient, but i think i actually need to be in a classroom setting for nursing. good luck!
  5. by   cad4296
    I'm in kingwood's normal ADN program and from what the instructors have said you still have to come in person for your lab and clinical, so they only "online" part really would be lecture. Honestly lectures seem to come straight out of the book anyways and for me personally I get more out of just simply reading the book. Labs are the hands on part that you need, but you will still get that. May be something to think about!
  6. by   tejas-nurse
    Anybody care to comment on this program? Is there any way to schedule the classes so that you just come in on the weekends and do the rest of the lecture work at home?
  7. by   June59
    It seems that it has been almost one year since the online portion of the program was initiated. I am curious how the students and faculty like the online environment. Feedback anyone?