How to get in contact with Nurse Managers

  1. How do I get contact information on who the nurse manager is for a unit at a hospital? If I call the hospital operator can they transfer me if I ask for nurse manager for "unit", do I call HR, or do I call that specific unit? Is it okay to call and do this?

    I'm trying to get the contact information to:
    Childrens Medical Center
    Memorial Hermann
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  3. by   HouTx
    Why do you want to contact the NMs? If you are looking for a way to bypass the normal job application process, I would advise against this. Hospitals have specific processes for employment in order to meet all regulatory requirements. Managers must comply with all of the administrative procedures, including those for HR processes. If you try to circumvent normal procedures, you will certainly come across as someone who feels that they are entitled to special treatment - and "entitled" is absolutely the most negative label to have these days.

    Don't try to 'cold call' a nursing manager in a job seeking attempt. These folks are extremely busy & won't appreciate wasting their time. If you are doing a clinical rotation in their department, you could introduce yourself and express your interest in working there - otherwise, it's just a bad idea.

    ETA - if I am completely off base regarding your motivation, just ignore this whole post.
  4. by   newGNTX
    Thanks for the advice. I asked because I have reached out to some managers and that's the way I got the 3 internship interviews I applied to. I just wasn't sure if there was a specific way of getting their information. Getting a residency/internship is difficult because it's so competitive and I was told by some people by reaching out to the managers that is how they got the position they are in.