Houston Community College- Pharmacology in Fall 2012 - page 4

Who ever has taken this course, can yall give me more insight about the class. I am trying to prepare for it but I am EXTREMELY nervous because I have not received my books yet; I ordered them... Read More

  1. by   telma09
    Yeah same here, Ive been reading alot & making flash cards for the drugs. Hopefully we all do good!
  2. by   gelibean
    So I took my first exam on Friday and ended up with a much higher grade than I felt I was going to get. Seriously.... by the end of the test, I felt like I lost hope for even passing it but ended up with an 86! Woo Hoo!! I thought I was going to walk out with a 50 or so :/
    I felt like that bc I did TERRIBLE on the quizzes for MyNursingLab (30's, 40's and 50's); I am glad they only count 5% of our grade though

    But for the rest of the class it didnt seem to be that good either... It was kind of hard trying to figure out the best way to study for the test when the teacher does not believe in giving some sort of study guide, but oh well... the teachers expect for you to know your stuff! She did indirectly mention how they go over the exam and see what questions should be thrown out or if the whole test is even effective to give to students... like they analyze it completely and bc of that it can tweak the test scores to be slightly higher than what they are... hopefully it turns my 86 to at least a 90 :P

    Our next test is the first Friday of November, and I guess I'll stick to what I have been doing.. apparently it got me to pass the first exam.

    How did everyone else do and/or how is everyone doing so far in the course?
  3. by   stefonee356
    What was your gpa and teas score when you got the pharmacology letter from hcc? Please advise
  4. by   gelibean
    I believe on my teas I got an 87 in math, 73 grammar, reading comprehension 86, and science 75. My gpa is around a 2.9
  5. by   telma09
    did you take your second test already? how did you do?
    i felt it was alot easier than the first!
  6. by   gelibean
    I took it on Friday. I actually found it slightly tougher than the first. I made a 74 on it

    But I'm still able to get an A in the course.

    I got all the math correct which makes me feel good about the dosage exam.

    I feel bad for the students that failed both exams w 50's. after the exam, 23 students dropped the course since Friday was the last day to drop. So now we have about 37 students still enrolled.

    When are you taking the math dosage exam; mine is on the 30th
  7. by   telma09
    That's good!
    We didn't have any math on this one.. our dosage one is on the 28th i think.

    Yeah alot of people have dropped also, but our class wasn't that big i think we have about 20-25 now.

    Have you completed the background/fingerprint check?
  8. by   gelibean
    So you must be the Wednesday class, right?

    I received an email in the beginning of July to do my back ground check as well as to sign up for pharmacology. So I did it then but apparently the post office misplaced my blue card and I didn't receive it until end of August/beginning of September.
  9. by   gelibean
    Have you completed the background check?

    I'm glad that I also have all the other requirements done (immunizations, pre requisites, recommended class etc). I just need them to just accept me >.< lol
  10. by   telma09
    Actually thursday so i guess its the 29th instead lol

    Not yet, I completely forgot about it, but i will this week.
    Yes, same here! all i need is the background check, and for them to accept me!
  11. by   telma09
    How much was it in total for the background check?
  12. by   gelibean
    Well I set up the appt online and it charged me about $45
  13. by   telma09
    Quote from gelibean
    Well I set up the appt online and it charged me about $45
    Cool thanks
    I just got the conditionally accepted letter!