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Who ever has taken this course, can yall give me more insight about the class. I am trying to prepare for it but I am EXTREMELY nervous because I have not received my books yet; I ordered them... Read More

  1. by   gelibean
    I just called the Bookstore and they have not received the Edose License/Software; they told me to call back on Thursday or Friday, which I will on Thursday. I want to get the Pharm book and the Edose at the same time and not drive back and forth.

    I just checked online to see the availability on the Pharmacology classes this semester and all four classes are full, which means that they allowed 181 students to take the class this semester (I added the enrollment total from all four classes). I wonder how many they allow actually into the program....
  2. by   Pinky_patel
    Hi Gelibean

    yeah i m trying to get edose license too.. they told me same thing call back Thursday or Friday. Also one person told me at book store that check with yr instructor that u need one year or two year.. so i think i will wait because i am not sure which one we need. Wow 181 students in pharmacology.even now i am wondering how many they will allow but i heard that they increased a seats for program i dont know exact how many they will take.
  3. by   DontSpeakDefeat
    Just stopping by to say GOOD LUCK GUYS!!! I just finished Pharm this summer (8wks) and made a B in the class and A on the math test. The class isn't so bad if you dedicate yourself to studying/reviewing everyday. Some things that helped me get through it was: reading/skimming through assigned chapter before class and making notecards on the drugs/important info. It's a lot of information so make sure you pace yourself and take mini breaks in b/w studying.

    Oh and the only thing we needed for class was the "Pharmacology: Connection to Nursing Practice" textbook and Calculate with Confidence ... the totes weren't needed...
  4. by   gelibean
    Thank you Chin88 for the update! We appreciate any one who comes and gives us info regarding Pharmacology and the program! I think I may wait until next week to get my Pharmacology book and the edose license. Maybe like you said Pinky_patel, wait until we speak with the teacher to see which one we need (one year or two).

    I did hear that they increased how many students they are allowing... I hope this is true!
  5. by   gelibean
    Hello everyone! HCC has posted the classrooms and teachers for the assigned pharmacology class!! I'll be taking Mr. Ngene... Let's hope for the best on our semester!!

    I see that ********and ******* are the other two teachers who will also be teaching.

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  6. by   gelibean
    How is everyone doing in their pharmacology class?!?!? My professor is so far so good. Lots of reading but so far everything isn't so bad.
  7. by   telma09
    @ Chin 88

    Thanks for the info! did you get into the program?
  8. by   telma09
    Does anyone know how much the Edose thing is?
  9. by   gelibean
    I have not been officially accepted, only "conditionally" accepted.

    The Edose is around $60 for one year and $100 for two years... I bought the two year.
  10. by   telma09
    Thanks! I am currently in the Th 5-8Pm class and still haven't bought it!

    When did you receive the conditional letter? I thought that was after we took Pharm?
  11. by   gelibean
    How's your teacher going? My teacher is pretty good but I'm really nervous for our first exam.

    As far as I understood from other people, once they give you the green light to take pharmacology then you have been conditionally accepted. They have even asked me to take the background check as well. All this was via email.

    I also heard that they sent out the acceptance letters towards the end of the semester. But idk about all that yet.
  12. by   telma09
    She's good so far, i just want to see what the exam will be like! we have one on the 4th.

    Yeah, I got all that too, I was just a little unsure! thanks
  13. by   gelibean
    I have mine on the 5th and I'm already shaking in my boots!! I feel like no matter what I do to prepare for it, I won't be ready.

    I have all the calculate w confidence stuff done. Abbreviations and math but the big ol' pharm book is killing me.

    I also need to work on all the quizzes that are assigned in the mynursinglab. Eeek