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Who ever has taken this course, can yall give me more insight about the class. I am trying to prepare for it but I am EXTREMELY nervous because I have not received my books yet; I ordered them online. Is anyone planning on... Read More

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    Hello Gelibean but just to let you know you will not be using that tote you bought. Thats for when you actually get into the Nursing Program. I did Pharm this summer and never was asked to buy that tote. Sorry you spent your money on something you are not going to use till next semester. At least you will have one less thing to worry about when you get into the program.

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    I stumbled across this discussion while looking for info on the Edose license needed for Pharm this fall- I'll be in the 5-8pm class. I am excited and nervous to finally get to Coleman! I haven't tried study groups yet but I live in the Montrose and am willing to try if anyone is in my area or close by.

    On my to-do list today was to scout out parking around the train stops- I was going to look around the museum area for free parking b/c dum dum me never thought about parking at Central Campus! Thanks for an easy solution! I am going to buy some prepaid parking chips for when the weather is unbearable or I'm running late- maybe I'll find someone in my neighborhood that wants to commute.

    Good luck everyone!
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    Yes lovie12! I thought it was very odd that they requested the health tote for Pharmacology!! But the weird thing is that the bookstore implied that it was required and when I called the ADN department they said that they wanted the students to have everything that is "required" to ensure students are prepared... she even said that they are thinking about adding other stuff (ex. edose license/software) because it will be "essential"... either way, like you said, I will have one less thing to buy next semester :P

    Chondra, nice to meet you!! I am just as excited as you are to be at Coleman and start Pharmacology! I'm assuming since you are in the 5-8 pm class, you are taking it on Thursday correct? I live by the museum district so we are pretty close if we ever need to do some study groups. There is also a metro rail stop really close by my house so I am just going to walk to the rail and go; if it rains, I'll drive over there... BTW can you actually buy prepaid parking chips?!?! IF so, let me know!

    BTW the ADN has not called me back regarding the edose license/software and I have looked online for it and it is listed as "sold out". I am planning to call the bookstore next week to see if maybe the bookstore has received it or not. If not, then I will call back the ADN department to see what is going on or so. :/
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    Hi again everyone!

    I went today to get the rest of my books and it was a mad house! I did find out that the central and the SW loop bookstore's do not have the EDose software yet. At both places a worker told me that they ordered it last week and should be in sometime around Tuesday or Wednesday. I would call before going if this is the only thing you need to still get.

    I can't wait for classes to start!
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    Hello all,
    i am taking pharmacology at coleman this fall. i am going on friday 1-4. I got books and Tote. but tote may be not using in pharmacology. anyways so nice to see u all here. i heard and read reviews about pharmacology class. most of the students said its hard. i m little scare how i am gonaa do in class. but i guess with little extra effort and plan for study can make things possible. i am from Katy. is anyone from katy going this fall in coleman?
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    Hi Pinky_patel! Awesome that you have all your books... I just need to get the Pharmacology book with the Nursing lab and the edose software that they are requiring us to get. Other than that, I have everything else. I am a little anxious and can not stand the anticipation.

    Has anyone received their blue clearance cards from the BON? I submitted my background check mid July and have not received anything. It is getting me nervous.
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    I just called the Bookstore and they have not received the Edose License/Software; they told me to call back on Thursday or Friday, which I will on Thursday. I want to get the Pharm book and the Edose at the same time and not drive back and forth.

    I just checked online to see the availability on the Pharmacology classes this semester and all four classes are full, which means that they allowed 181 students to take the class this semester (I added the enrollment total from all four classes). I wonder how many they allow actually into the program....
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    Hi Gelibean

    yeah i m trying to get edose license too.. they told me same thing call back Thursday or Friday. Also one person told me at book store that check with yr instructor that u need one year or two year.. so i think i will wait because i am not sure which one we need. Wow 181 students in pharmacology.even now i am wondering how many they will allow but i heard that they increased a seats for program i dont know exact how many they will take.
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    Just stopping by to say GOOD LUCK GUYS!!! I just finished Pharm this summer (8wks) and made a B in the class and A on the math test. The class isn't so bad if you dedicate yourself to studying/reviewing everyday. Some things that helped me get through it was: reading/skimming through assigned chapter before class and making notecards on the drugs/important info. It's a lot of information so make sure you pace yourself and take mini breaks in b/w studying.

    Oh and the only thing we needed for class was the "Pharmacology: Connection to Nursing Practice" textbook and Calculate with Confidence ... the totes weren't needed...
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    Thank you Chin88 for the update! We appreciate any one who comes and gives us info regarding Pharmacology and the program! I think I may wait until next week to get my Pharmacology book and the edose license. Maybe like you said Pinky_patel, wait until we speak with the teacher to see which one we need (one year or two).

    I did hear that they increased how many students they are allowing... I hope this is true!

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