Houston Area Nurses, Please Chime In

  1. We are thinking about moving, probably before I finish school, and before my Christmas baby is due, so if you can please answer the following questions as candidly as possible, I'd appreciate it.

    1. I am thinking about maybe going into dialysis, and doing a weekend special in LTC, but a hospital Med-Surg position is not off of my list. Can you name some okay places to work in these categories, along with the usual New Grad pay rate for that facility, and how diverse is it?

    2. We are considering living in Houston or Sugarland, and I don't need to live right out back of where I work, but what will really affect this decision is traffic. So how is it? I mean, if I live within 15-30 minutes of work with no traffic, how long would it take me in traffic?

    3. We don't plan on living in Texas long term, but a year at this point seems realistic, unless we really like it. So with that said would it be more cost effective to buy or rent? We are looking at 2 or 3 bedrooms (preferebly 3), and at least 2 full baths. Apartment living is "okay", but I really want my family to have a back yard to enjoy, so how do the single family rental prices look? Also, could you name some good property management companies, good neighborhoods or subdivisions, and good apartment complexes? I mean, we are looking for something afforable, and I am not a scary Suburbanite (New Orleanian, here), so I can handle myself, but I'm not trying to live in the hood either; so no sketchy places, I guess.

    4. What is a reasonable price to expect to pay for a signle family residential in Houston or Surgarland if buying?

    I guess that is all for now, but I'll probably have more later. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   CrispyRN
    There are absolutly tons of nursing jobs in houston. If you move to the Sugarland area there is a methodist hospital there. Check out

    If noticed in the Triump ICUs they use divita dialysis, but I'm not sure that they will hire you as a new grad.

    As far as rental rates and new grad rates I honestly...its been a long time that I pay or received either.

  4. by   NeosynephRN
    I just recently relocated to the area...I am not a new grad, but I have heard about 23 bucks an hour for the new grads. There are a couple hospitals in Sugarland. I have not found the traffic to be awful, I live North of Houston, and miss the freeways to get to and from work. I will be happy to give you more info on rent and such if you want to send me a PM.