Health Care Job Options m-f ; 8-5 Health Care Job Options m-f ; 8-5 | allnurses

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Health Care Job Options m-f ; 8-5

  1. 0 Currently working a Tues-Saturday, 7-4 job but will be starting night/weekend BSN in August and not sure if my company can move me to M-F.
    I was wondering what options I have as far as a M-F, 7-4 in the health care field. Also, am looking to stay around what I make now - 36,000/yr.

    DFW area.

    Any advice on going through an employment agency specializing in health care in the area.

    Any ideas/thoughts/advise would be greatly appreciated !!
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    What exactly do you DO in healthcare? That would make a huge difference in your ability to find those kinds of work hours.
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    Sorry, I should have made myself more clear - I am not in health care right now. Previous degree in Business and now waiting to hear back from Nursing Program that starts in August. It is a night and weekend program, so a M-F job would be ideal.
    Thank you for your response !