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Hi Everyone, I'll be applying for HCC Spring 2012. I was intending on taking my prerequisites in the Fall, but I've decided to knock out A&P II and Micro this summer to avoid any complications in the application process. I'm... Read More

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    Thank you for posting the reading assignment.

    I bought my books from Amazon the same day they gave out the booklist so that it would arrive on time.

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    Hello everyone...I am sean. One of the few male nurses in the spring 2012 class. Just wanted to say hi to my fellow students.

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    Just wanted to update you guys...I GOT IN!!!! Class of 2014!! Our first orientation is set for this Thursday. Classes start August 27th. We still don't know what our schedules will be...maybe they will let us register at our second orientation? Which is August 8th.....
    CareAngel? Hopeful_2013? any insights? I know the emails haven't been going out to anyone on this thread. Just thought I'd try and revive it.
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    Congrats on getting in hufflebinks
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    Hello everybody!! I have submitted my background check mid-july but I have not received my blue clearance card (already a month and I am freaking out). How long did it take yall to receive it?
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    About a week and half for me. Did u try and call the BON or the school to see if they know any info on who to contact.
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    No I did not call anyone. I was suggested by the fingerprint place to not call the BON and I wasn't sure if HCC would know about the information regarding the clearance cards. I'll call the ADN department tomorrow and see what they suggest, if not I'll call BON.
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    Hi! Do you have to take the TEAS before enrolling to the prerequisites subjects from the application process? or after completing the prerequisites?
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    anonymous, you can take the TEAS after you've completed your prerequisites. When you apply, you should have your TEAS done, but you can have your prereq's in progress and just turn in a receipt that shows you're taking those classes.

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