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    Does anyone know if the HCA hospitals (bayshore, Texas women's, clear lake regional, east Houston regional etc.) hire ADN GNs?
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    Yes they do. I graduated with my ADN may 12 and had an interview with Bayshore the following week. I was offered the job on the spot. I also have 9 years of LVN experience that may have hepled. But i know they do hire ADN gN's. I turned the job down because i had a better offer somewhere else. The guy in HR said they were really short staffed. So they should still be hiring.
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    I work forKingwood as a tech and they do hire GN's with an ADN....not hiring me but thats another story lol....
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    AwesoMe! Thanks for the replies! I've been hearing all this talk about ADN gns not being able to find work, but I have an interview at east houston regional for a nurse tech posistion, and I only have 2 semesters of nursing school left so I'm hoping I can land a nursing job there as well a the nurse tech job!
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    I am a new ADN and I got a job at Clear Lake Regional Medical Center. They hired me instantly after my interview.
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    Really! That's awesome congrats! That's the hospital I really want to work at. I love the area! My second choice would be east Houston regional! Good luck in your new job!
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    Thank you!! I start on Monday and will be in the Chest Pain Urgent Care. Have you applied to them? Try calling their recruiters. I worked with (moderator name edited as per Terms of Service) , she seemed really nice. They contacted me first, but while I was there filling out paperwork I saw many people come in and just request to talk with them about RN positions.
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    I also did not have a Texas RN license when I interviewed or when they hired me. I am from North Dakota so am in the process of endorsement. I moved down to Texas the day before my interview with them.
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    I am a traveler. I have an ADN, and work for HCA in Texas City. My degree was not an issue. I do have 8 yrs of experience. My degree has never been an issue though.
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    Quote from JRich
    I am a new ADN and I got a job at Clear Lake Regional Medical Center. They hired me instantly after my interview.
    Hi. May I ask what kind of questions they asked for your interview?

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