Has much changed in the past 10 years? Has much changed in the past 10 years? | allnurses

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Has much changed in the past 10 years?

  1. 0 I used to live and work in Texas 1994-2003. I came home to Canada when my Mom got sick and kind of got stuck here. I worked ICU/ER/Cath Lab in Dallas, Houston and the border cities.

    So tell me, has much changed in the past 10 years?

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    Changed it what way? Some way yes, some ways no.

    Texas is no longer a state that just anybody can come to and get hired. There are many, many, many nursing schools turning out a lot of nurses (majority being ASN's, but many BSN's also). Having experience helps a lot, but being out of the loop for 10 years does not help (or did you work in Canada?).
    A single position in metro areas may have 20+ (or more) applicants. Many hospitals now require BSN or working on BSN to be hired. Smaller outlying communities and towns are a little easier to get jobs, but still not super easy. Border towns are always hireing from what I have heard.

    Texas still has a huge diversity of people and locations (Forests to desert, coastal to rolling hills and a lot in between). Cost of living is pretty good, wages are not too bad and the economy has been pretty solid for the past 10 years or so.