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Harris County Hospital District nurse intern position is up from March 1st through the 28th.... Read More

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    i got the invitation too. and it is just a big info session where you hear about the program and turn your items in. from there they choose who they want to interview.

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    Has anyone heard back from HCHD yet? We should post when we start hearing from them so we can expect a phone call.
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    nope, haven't heard anything. they mentioned 2nd week in april (which would be this week) at the info session. so we'll see...
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    Have not heard back from them either. Like Genu9ine mentioned, they did say say at the info session they will call for the 1st round of interviews around 2nd week of April and then 2nd round around the 1st week of May.
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    I just checked my application status online at HCHD and it says hold. Does anyone else's say the same thing?
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    mine says the same jellybean
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    wondering if anyone heard anything from them last week?
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    Still waiting to hear from them. The last thing I got was a thank you email for attending the information session and to take a survey regarding the session. The email was sent April 4 and said that we should receive emails in 2 weeks regarding interviews.
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    I have not heard from them yet and don't know anyone from my school that has yet, either.

    Also, a heads up that several folks from my school (including me) didn't get the info invite email and a rep from HCHD said their computer/email system didn't seem to be working perfectly....

    I did not receive the survey email, so I am wondering if that was supposed to go out to everyone and my email still isn't working with their system....

    I will certainly call in a few weeks to check on the next steps if I am still not receiving emails....
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    yeah, i didn't receive a survey email either.

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