Got a speeding ticket recently - how do I apply to the Texas BON now?

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    I got a speeding ticket and this was out of state. It's considered an infraction out of state so it may show up, however, in Texas, it's consider a misdeamenor (but according to the app, I can exclude those.)

    Anyone know what happens when you have an impending speeding ticket - like, how do you gather documents for that? Should I disclose it because it's considered an infraction?

    Darn you, Texas....

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    What?? In Texas a speeding ticket will affect your status with the BON? Even in our state (Louisiana) they aren't that screwed up! Nothing like that affect u here - I don't think.

    Anne, RNC
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    Good luck.
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    I hope not! I did talk to an enforcement officer from TX and looks like I have to disclose speeding tickets because in TX, it's considered a Class C misdemeanor whereas other states consider it as an infraction. It says I can exclude misdemeanors but my tickets are infractions. I don't get it! Absolutely retarded.
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    Please relax. If speeding tickets kept one from being a nurse in Texas I would have been kicked out of my profession a long time ago. And I am not trying to give legal advice here but my understanding is that in reality all traffic tickets are considered misdemeanors in every state. It is possible that some states BONs don't require the reporting of traffic violations.
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    I definitely did NOT report speeding tickets to the BON when I applied. I had only had 1, maybe 2, but was never informed I needed to notify them. Got my license, no problem.
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