Frustration with the board of nursing

  1. Hey, So I am having a great deal of trouble dealing with board of nursing in Texas. I graduated on May 17th, my school sent my affidavit of graduation soon after, and the board received it on May 26th. Due to a minor issue (my school wrote the wrong start date at my college), the board won't process it. Now my school had to fax a whole new affidavit and the "10 business day period" starts again. I've already had to push my hire date back because they won't give me my GN permit. I'm in a bit of financial trouble since I won't have a paycheck in longer than expected. Even after calling everyday (numerous times), I have had no progress at all.

    So after all of that venting, my question to y'all is if there is anything else I can do to expedite this process or how best to deal with the roadblocks put up by the board of nursing. I worked so hard in nursing school and now I am being prevented from doing what I love because of a clerical error by my university.
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Unfortunately, the Texas Board of Nursing is a large bureaucracy, and I don't believe that there's anything you can personally do to force them to work faster or more efficiently on your file. Good luck to you. This will soon be nothing more than water under the bridge.
  4. by   pinkynbd_99
    I hear you, I was also going through the same thing, but if this is a comfort, the BON posted the date of received for my affidivait as June 1st and I just got my ATT today. So that's great! Maybe you won't have to wait the whole 10 days!! And also I was able to schedule my test for 2 weeks from today, the was no avialable day before then.
  5. by   SolaireSolstice
    The BON posted my affidavit of graduation on June 2 and I received my ATT today, June 10.
  6. by   jasy
    Hey Commuter
    I agree, bureaucracy is the right word. Hey do you have any Idea how this texas board is been selected why these people work so slow: and give a lame excuse of limited resources, If its so limited charge us more and hire somebody expedite things come onnnn. I have been to other states they dont take this long to work. Massachussets issues APN license in a day if u have everything in line. Does anybody know how this Board of nursing members are selected and how the money is being used which is paid by us. I think they are there to serve us not to be above all. Texas board is very rude when you call them and very inefficient they need help for sure.
  7. by   NeoNurseTX
    After I graduated, my school never sent my ATT and I had no I graduated in May and couldn't even sit for NCLEX until August.

    And jasy, they are here to serve the public, not the all.
  8. by   jasy
    Public? We are the one thats going to nursing schools and paying tuition and paying every year for the licensure, we are the one rendering services at the bed side day and night, Its our money they are taking home every month as salaries. We deserve little respect and dignity and responsible answers when we call them, I think they are there because of us and we are part of the public too, But anyhoooo Texas board of nursing baddd customer service hope the governor changes the whole system of board of nursing like California did.

    BTW what is att?
  9. by   jasy
    It seems ur school screwed it in ur case @ Neo Nurse