Free Cna Classes In The Houston Area!!!

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    Hello All! New to AllNurses but wanted to let you guys know that Park Manor-Cypress Station nursing home/rehab center are now offering Certified Nurse Aide course/clinicals for free! They are also PAYING $7.50/ hr to learn per shift. You will be able to sit for the state Nurse Aide exam at the end of the course. My aunt works there and this is how I am aware of this cool opportunity. I don't know all the specifics but feel free to get the details by calling Park Manor @ (832) 249- 6500
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    Thanks my mom wants to do CNA so hopefully she ca get in!!!
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    has this opportunity already passed?
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    No it is still going on. You just have to call them and see when they are oppening up new spots.
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    I just called Park Manor and was told, they no longer offer this program.
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    My cousin lives in Corpus Christi, Texas and she said that "Corpus Christi Nursing-Rehab" 361-992-0816 does free training. I really don't want to go back home for 4 weeks, but if it's free- I may consider it. I have to call tomorrow and
    see when the next training class starts. I found A&B Training Academy on Harwin that charges $586.00, $100.00 deposit- and the price includes everything except the scrubs.

    I hope this helps someone.

    God bless
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    I took my CNA certification course at A&B Training Academy back in 2006 when they were at the old building on Hillcroft. I loved my teachers there and they were incredibly helpful and patient with all the topics that were covered...not to mention, they were a lot cheaper than other schools I had heard of.

    The director of the school was also one of my teachers on certain days and she offered to write recommendation letters if I needed it! The schools I applied to never required recommendation letters, but it was the principle that I loved. They understood that it's very competitive to get into nursing programs and offered (again, I never had to ask) to write me a letter.

    Good luck to you all!
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    Oh, and one more thing about A&B, at the time a scrub set was sold directly from the school for $20 which included the top and bottom. I don't know if they still offer it but it was a great deal!
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    Thanks KSTAR- I start on Dec. 21st. at A&B. I called the place in Corpus Christi and was told the next class starts January 11,2010. Mon.- Fri. from 8-5 for 2 weeks and that certification could take anywhere from 6-8 weeks. In addition, I'd have to complete an application because the class get really full. Plus I did not want to have to go back home to Corpus Christi-

    I am trying to get started a little sooner than Jan. 2010. I've been researching ahead of time and calling around to see which nursing homes hires new CNA grads- I am composing my list ahead of time.

    Thanks again
    Barbara in Houston, Texas
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    You are most welcome! Good luck to you and I'm sure you'l enjoy it there