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Hey guys! Let's gather up and hangout sometime. I work at Scott & White, live here in temple with my sister for about 6 months now and I'm really getting bored and lonely LOL. hope to find new... Read More

  1. by   djPYBK
    @dsingson5 I'm at stc2 - observation unit too. I am still working on getting an apartment near the hospital. Going to go to Temple on October 13th because I got my physical on October 15th. How about you?
  2. by   dsingson5
    I'm already here. I finished my physical yesterday. It was pretty fast. I got a room about 20-30 mins walk from Scott and White. They still have a room available if you want but if you rather rent your own apartment that's cool too. Let me know! See you soon man!
  3. by   djPYBK
    What airport did you arrive from? Killeen airport? Is that also an apartment that you got a room from? I'll be travelling there tomorrow October 13.
  4. by   dsingson5
    I came from Austin. It was more convenient and affordable coming from there.

    Right now it's a house with a family that I'm with. I rented a room. Hey, email me I'll give you more details man.
  5. by   djPYBK
    Oh, I will be coming from Killeen Airport that is where I booked my flight to. So you used an airport taxi or something going to Temple? Here is my email:
  6. by   dsingson5
    I rented a zipcar from austin coz I had tons of luggage plus a bike. Went back the next day to return it then rode the greyhound bus. Sent you an email btw.
  7. by   FcliffRN
    Hello guys...anybody here live in austin area, pflugerville or roundrock...
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  8. by   anursedad
    Hello fellow pinoy nurses! I am currently considering moving to Texas. Well, I'm still thinking which part of Texas. We are a family of 4. Any suggestions which is the best place to for a filipino family to move in to there?