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    Any evening programs in the Houston area other than Kingwood (too far) & HCC? I've been told by HCC that I cannot take the pharmacology class until fall 07 which means waiting a whole year to start clinicals. I have 50 hours of college credit including all prereqs for most BSN programs. Any students attending day BSN/ADN programs and working evenings? If so, where do you work?

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    I don't know of any other programs other than those two. Could you possibly take pharmacology at another school like Kingwood (they have pharm online) and transfer it over to HCC? If that doesn't work as far as evening jobs have you thought maybe something in the hospital like receptionist or CNA or unit secretary or something along those lines? I know with hospital they need all shifts so maybe something like that would work?
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    Hey Pumpkin~
    Are they not letting you take Pharmacology due to no H.E.S.I test dates? or have you taken it already? If so, please give me some advice! I am very worried about it.
    I went to the info. session yesterday and they told us that they may possibly have another H.E.S.I test date in May and to get on a waitlist :-( Unfortunatly, you need to take the H.E.S.I prior to them allowing enrollment in Pharmacology.
    Good Luck
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    That's my assumption. Are there a lot of folks on the waiting list? I am so upset because my science courses will begin to expire if I don't start this year. My AP I will be 5 years old the end of this year. Are you wanting an evening program too?
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    San Jac Central has an evening program - HOWEVER they only offer it every two years. I am currently in it and the night program will not start again until I graduate (which is May of '08)!!!

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